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Tub to Shower

Tub to Shower

Giving your bathroom a new look and feel you envision could be as simple as a bath to shower conversion! Unlike traditionally expensive, time-consuming remodels, Bath of America can get the job done in a day!

Bathtub to shower conversion is popular for many households as there are several benefits to making this change: a shower saves time, conserves more water, is easier to get in and out and safer for people with mobility issues and it also saves space. Our team can offer you the remodel you have been looking for. For just a fraction of the price, our showers can be installed in a variety of styles and colors to best suit your taste.

Convert Tub to Shower

A bath to shower conversion is an easy and simple process that cuts down on the high prices of other types of bathroom remodels and can be done in one day. The material we use on our bathtubs is made with durable and reliable acrylic, guaranteeing long-lasting products and results.

We have a variety of style and color options to choose from, picking a tub that matches your home will be easy!

One of the best features of our showers and surrounds is the acrylic material we use. This multi-layer, non-porous advanced material is highly resistant to dents, chips, and cracks and can last a lifetime while requiring little maintenance. Endless scrubbing is a thing of the past. The acrylic helps prevent mold and mildew and will withstand the test of time, turning your shower into a safe, clean and durable space.

Customizable Design

Bath of America provides walk-in tubs for all styles of bathrooms. Each tub can fit where your bathtub or shower used to be, and we offer customizable design options to ensure that your walk-in tub is the perfect fit for your bathroom.

The Long-Term Benefits of a Tub to Shower

Walk-in tubs are long-lasting and durable, and require little maintenance. The non-porous material resists dirt, grime, mold, and mildew, making it easy to keep the tub clean and hygienic. You’ll have a healthy place to bathe for years to come.

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